Soot Blower Control

Soot Blower Control

(1) Furnace wall blower

Furnace wall blowers are used to remove the slag on the furnace wall so that excessive accumulation of the ash is prevented and the adequate heat absorption in the furnace wall tubes are secured.

(2) Boiler soot blowers

Soot blower for superheaters, reheaters and economizers are installed to remove the ash on the heating surface tubes so that excessive accumulation of the ash is prevented and the adequate heat absorption in the heating surface is secured.

(3) AH soot blowers

AH soot blowers are installed to prevent the followings:

• Accumulation of unburned carbon in AH heating elements during start and stop
• Ash plug in the AH heating element during the normal operation

Control & Operation : Controlling of Soot Blowers operation PLC-SCADA Based Control System required for:

In normal operation, soot blower operation modes are sequential mode, group mode and manual mode.

(1) Sequential mode

All blowers are operated sequentially in the selected order by PLC. Interval setting time is variable (It can be changed by operator). The number of blow patterns in each group is as follows (The blow pattern is selected in PLC):

• Furnace wall blower, Boiler soot blower group: 3 sets
• AH soot blower group : 1 set

(2) Group mode

One selected group is operated in PLC.

• The blowers which are not required to operate can be skipped in sequential and group mode. The selected blower can be operated twice.
• These selections are applied to one group or one pair.

(3) Manual mode

Blowers and drain valves are operated independently in PLC.

• Automatic control can be released and changed to manual operation any time (Automatic control of the working blower is released after completion of operation).
• One selected blower or one selected pair of blowers or one selected group are operated in manual operation.
(In case that one group is selected, the same order as automatic control is applied)

Soot Blower Control.png
Soot Blower Control.png