Energy Management System

EMS: Energy Management System

EMS is the solution to look forward to. This system is appropriately applicable to Industries, manufacturing plants, commercial Buildings or any situation where an electrical system is used on a major scale. The system provides the centralized Power Monitoring and Control. The Energy Management System leads to savings in the overall cost by identifying the causes for loss / inefficient use of it. Once the identification of causes is confirmed, the corrective action in turn savings would be achieved. Some of the tangible benefits are better utilization of manpower, savings in the energy consumption, non-breakdowns in the system etc… It provides many benefits that includes the majoring of the consumption through which user can get all over information of power consumption like at which plant power consumption is higher and at which point power extends its limit that to be maintained.

Key Feature of Energy Management System:

• Improved data accuracy and no human error in the energy data collection
• Maintenance schedule analysis for the equipment
• Determine usage and demand profiles
• Record events and power quality
• Identify inefficient electrical equipment
• Determine the root cause of electrical problems
• Analyze the capacity utilization
• Analyze the power quality
• Accurate demand prediction and load shifting
• Reduces the time for trouble shooting, switching errors, and maintenance cost
• Centralized power analysis, better utilization of manpower, and cost reduction

Energy Management System 1
Energy Management System 2